What is Approved Certified Pre-Owned

Inspiring Confidence for Seven Decades

Since its first vehicle launched in 1947, Land Rover has encouraged owners to explore new places and conquer difficult terrain. Around the globe, Land Rover vehicles continue to be willing partners, whether transporting air workers to regions in need, engaging in archaeological and environmental expeditions, or simply getting you there, no matter the weather. Every day in some corner of the world, Land Rover vehicles are accomplishing extraordinary deeds…and making everyday driving a pleasure.

Land Rover capability is unquestioned. But the success and longevity of the brand owes as much to the vehicle's unique blend of luxury, safety and versatility. Select your next vehicle from the distinctive line of Land Rover vehicles.

The Land Rover Approved Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle program can transform your dream of owning one of these legends into a reality. Land Rover truly enables you to make more of your world.

Land Rover Approved Certified Pre-Owned Warranty

7 Years

up to 7 years of coverage*

160 000 KM

up to 160 000 km coverage

$0 Deductible

pay no deductible on warranty covered repairs

Why Certified Pre-Owned?

There is a checklist of 165 points of inspection in place that has to be followed to the letter. This ensures your vehicle is in optimum electrical and mechanical condition. Using the very latest technologies, tools and diagnostic equipment, Land Rover technicians carry out these checks with the utmost rigor. The inspection always includes paintwork, interior, a complete engine preparation, road test and a final inspection before the vehicle is personally signed off by a Land Rover Technician. All vehicles have to pass all 165 checks to become a Land Rover Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicle.

24/7 Roadside Assistance Coverage comes standard. The Land Rover Roadside Assistance Program will provide Land Rover vehicle owners with emergency towing services to the nearest Land Rover Retailer. Contact Land Rover's Roadside Assistance service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To help make your dream of owning a Land Rover vehicle a reality, Land Rover offers competitive finance rates and flexible terms, plus the assurance of outstanding customer service.

Any and all warrantable repairs covered under the Land Rover Approved Certified Pre-Owned Program require absolutely no deductible whatsoever

The Land Rover Approved Certified Limited Warranty covers your Land Rover vehicle until the vehicle is 7-years-old from original In-Service/In-Use date or until 160,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first.* The Land Rover Approved Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty begins when the Land Rover New-Vehicle Limited Warranty expires. Select vehicles may have the option for different warranty terms*.

It takes a certain type of person to deliver the levels of professionalism, skill, and attention to detail that we expect. Any reconditioning work will be undertaken by Land Rover trained technicians using specific tools, diagnostic equipment and genuine Land Rover parts. We always work to the most exacting standards, which is why only Land Rover Retailers should ever undertake the work.

Every Land Rover Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicle comes with a CarFax® vehicle history report. The report will provide insight into service history, vehicle mileage, ownership and other vehicle attributes.

Land Rover Approved ensures that refurbishment of each vehicle is completed using the latest technology and genuine Land Rover parts.

Pre-requisites to becoming certified pre-owned

100 000 KM

or less

5 Years Old

or less

165 Points

of rigorous inspection

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