Special Vehicle (SV) Operations

As an SV Specialist Centre, Land Rover Edmonton offers an exclusive experience to view our unique vehicles up close and talk with our team of SV experts.

A feeling like no other

For more than 70 years, Land Rover has challenged what’s possible. At Special Vehicle Operations, we push the boundaries further still. Here we amplify our engineering excellence and iconic craftsmanship to create the most unique expressions of Land Rover luxury and performance.

The Finest Finishes and Materials

Meticulous about detail, obsessed with perfection. The use of exquisite materials, colours and finishes is a key differentiator for SV. Take the ceramic interior and exterior detailing of Range Rover SV. Symbolizing our expression of modern luxury, it is a pure yet strong material, with a smooth, cool and tactile finish – more commonly seen in the worlds of luxury watches and jewellery.

Special Badging
Finest Finishes
Exclusive Materials

SV Specialist Centre

Our SV Specialist Centre is a vital destination for those looking to experience our unique vehicles up close and talk with our SV experts.

Demonstration Vehicles

Want to test drive a Land Rover SV vehicle? Land Rover Edmonton offers access to Land Rover SV masterpieces with vehicles onsite.

Expert Knowledge

Thanks to their peerless product knowledge, our team at Land Rover Edmonton of SV Sales Specialists are the perfect partners to help you craft your ultimate Land Rover vehicle.

Specially Trained Technicians

SV vehicles are extra special and, therefore, require specialist attention to match. That's why our store, as an SV Specialist Centre, employs the highest qualified Land Rover SV Specialists. Our SV Specialists receive enhanced training to ensure your vehicle receives the best possible care.