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At Land Rover Edmonton, we make sure you get a value price on any set of tires you want. We provide a wide variety of the top brands at competitive prices across the industry. If you aren't sure what tires are best for your Land Rover our expert staff will recommend a series of options that fit your vehicle and price point. The quality of Land Rover extend down to the tires they sit on. These tires improve the Land Rover driving experience while also providing a safe ride that you can drive worry free.

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The difference between winter and all-season tires may not seem like a big deal, but your Land Rover needs the proper equipment to perform at its high level. In a Land Rover, and any vehicle, stopping quickly and safely in winter conditions is of the utmost importance. It can take all-season tires up to 30% longer to stop than winter options. This 30% can be the difference between safety and an accident. Winter tires also offer superior traction than all-season tires. They have a larger multitude of grooves to properly grip into the changing conditions of snow-covered roads.


All-season tires don't provide enough traction for winter driving. Winter tires are better for braking, traction and handling.

Winter tires are not just for regions with a lot of snow. Winter tires are better than all-season tires across all seasons and a variety of weather situations below -7°C.

If your vehicle has an anti-lock braking system or all-wheel drive you still need winter tires. These systems are often compromised without having the proper use of winter tires.

You can't just have two winter tires instead of four and still be fine. This can cause your vehicle to have unstable handling characteristics which can deliver its own problems.

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