Demonstrator and Loaner Vehicles

Demonstrator and Loaner vehicles offer a perfect opportunity for customers who aren't ready to purchase a new vehicle but want something that feels new, has low kilometres and with the peace of mind that it has been well maintained, all with a lower purchase price than a new vehicle. Loaner and demo cars may also qualify for both, new car and used car incentives.

Why buy a demo or loaner vehicle?

Impeccably maintained

Our customers and employees love Land Rover vehicles as much as you do. We ensure all our Demo and Loaner vehicles are treated well and follow a strict maintenance schedule so you can be sure your vehicle is in good shape & ready for a long life with you.

Warranty Intact

In many cases, these vehicles are so new, that they are still covered under a standard manufacturer warranty, so you can still enjoy those first few years of worry-free driving but at a much lower cost.

Upgrades & features

Demo and Loaner Vehicles often already have accessory upgrades or added features that come with the vehicle when sold so you get even more, for less.

Land Rover Demo Vehicle

Demonstrator cars are vehicles that are driven by dealership employees or used as test drive vehicles by potential buyers. These vehicles are well taken care of and typically have low kilometres on them. While being more affordable, a demo vehicle is still considered a new vehicle and can qualify for manufacturer incentives and interest rates.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Loaner vehicles are driven by dealership customers as service loaner vehicles. The dealership will loan this car to service customers for the day or a few days while their vehicle is in the shop. These vehicles may be new or gently used and generally are offered at a discounted price once they are retired from our loaner fleet.